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Recommended combination

Card reader and QR code reader can be added to the face recognition device.

Note: The cost of the added card reader,QR reader and the metal stand is not included in the current price, pls contact us for the price of the stand or specific questions about customized functions.

Three most frequent installations of our face recognition devices are as above.

Note: We offer different standard accessory for each installation, pls inform us which is your preferrable installation before placing your order or before we send out your order.
We have 34 technical engineers to support you, either it’s about custom functions, SDK, API, or other secondary development related questions, you will get quick response. Welcome to contact us!
1/2.8 “Progressive scan CMOS
Minimum illumination
0.01Lux@(F1.2,AGC ON)
Dual Sony 6mm lens
Display screen
1280*800 IPS display
Day and night parameters
Wide dynamic
Voice broadcast
support, support TTS voice broadcast customization;
Temperature measurement function
Melexis(90614DCI)Single point temperature measurement
Temperature measurement position
Forehead temperature measurement
Video standard
Bit rate
Video size
Video settings
Exposure (shutter), gain, contrast, saturation, face exposure compensation
Identity type
Operating mode
On line , off line , auto
Identify content
image、(optional QR code)
Recognition mode
Detection type
Live detection
Reconginition speed
≤150ms (The comprehensive temperature measurement time is less                  than 2 seconds)
Recognition precision
Recoginition distance
1.0-2.0 meter(Body temperature detection 20 cm – 120 cm)
Face database
face database download
Single photo, baths photos , snapshot photo download
Snapshot function
Image Format
JPEG encoding
Snapshot result
Panorama, partial close-up
size of the picture
1920*1080(panorama), Partial close-up pictures are based on the actual picture ratio
Local storage
Build-in 8GB eMMC Used for resumable transmission
Snapshot storage
Close-up picture: Single machine supports 640,000 sheets(build-in 64G TF card)
Panorama: Single machine supports 320,000 sheets(build-in 64G TF card )
Mode type
Output mode
Wigend 26/34/66, relay (2 channel )
Trigger method
Video trigger, swipe card, swipe ID card, QR code
Secondary development
Multi-platform (Linux, Arm,Windows), multi-language(Java, C++, C#)
Network function
Protocol support
Conmon function
Heartbeat, password protection, NTP time adjustment

Application of Tommi Face recognition thermometer
Face recognition body temperature access control
Dual 2M pixel thermal camera can recognize faces within 80-300ms and detect body temperature with an accuracy rate of +/-0.2°C. For normal temperature and right face ID, access is allowed automatically. Alarms go off when the temperature exceeds preset value and records can be kept for review.

Automation and save labor force as it replaces an operator or guard with hand-held temperature gun
Non-contact temperature measurement at a distance of 0.3m-2m and no need for an operator to monitor the access control system as it can automatically displays real-time temperature reading and face ID and determine whether a person should be allowed or denied access. The whole process takes less than a few seconds.

Make sure masks are worn
Flash series has mask detection function which supports face ID recognition when wearing a mask and also sound an alarm and remind the user to wear a mask with voice broadcast if preset with mask wearing requirement.

Benefits of Flash Series Thermal Detection System
1.Allow face scan and temperature measurement of each employee and visitor at your premises;
2. Display real-time temperature and ID reading and alarm at critical temperature elevations ;
3. Support electronic voice broadcast (normal human body temperature or super high alarm, face recognition verification results, warning if not wearing a mask);
4. Built-in multi-language (switch at will) display and voice broadcast;
5. Store key incidents and 50000 face library;
6. Save labor force in front of a camera to do checking and temperature reading;
7. Easy setup and can be combined smoothly with your access control system;
8. Assure security and health at the applied premises;
9. Support the resumption of work in a safe environment.
Company Profile
Chengdu Tommi Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative technology company integrating R & D,production and sales.
Our company adopts advanced image analysis algorithm and has fully independent intellectual property rights of face recognition technology. We are the source supplier of face recognition solutions. We supply stable, reliable and cost-effective face recognition related security products for a long time. At the same time, relying on a strong technical R & D team, we can provide customers with complete platform and systematic solutions, provide customers with “one-stop” services, support OEM, ODM and other cooperation modes, so as to meet various customized needs of customers. The company’s main products include face recognition device, smart security devices, CCTV products, temperature instrument, etc., which are widely used in communities, schools, hospitals, factories, construction sites, office buildings, hotels, public transport terminals and other public places. In 2020, the sales volume of related products of the company will exceed 15 million US dollars, which is the first market share of Hisilicon embedded face recognition equipment. Products are also exported to the United States, the Middle East, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, with FCC, CE and other certificitons.
Welcome to order our products. Tommi will serve you wholeheartedly!
Packing and delivery

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