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 is a leading professional face recognition solution provider and one of the earliest face recogntion players in China.

About CD Tommi Technology

Chengdu Tongmi Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading professional face recognition solution provider and one of the earliest face recognition manufacturers in China. Our own R&D develops all our products and owns full intellectual property rights of face recognition technology and patents. We can do one-stop OEM ODM production and provide customized solutions for face recognition hardware and software.

Our products cover face biometric attendance machines, face recognition access control terminals, face recognition body temperature detection thermometers, multi-person face recognition cameras, etc. Face recognition solutions include smart community, smart campus, smart hospitals, smart latrines,etc.



 As a leading supplier of face recognition solution and face biometric devices, Tommi Technology is committed to offering up-to-date face biometric devices as well as customized  solutions to market demands.

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Customer Application Cases

Hospitals, Clinics

Tommi face recognition thermal devices are preferred by hospital customers, often deployed at entrances and exits, walls of the doctor’s offices or wards to control access and manage patients and visitors. Can do human body temperature measurement, alarm elevated temperature, detect mask wearing and alert.

Schools, Banks

More and more schools, colleges and banks select Tommi face recognition attendance devices to deploy at entrances and exits of the facility,classrooms to control access and manage students attendance. Easy to view attendance reports and can integrate with SMS notice. Banks show a trend to use face recognition devices too.

Office Buildings

It’s very common to see face recognition devices applied at the entrance of office buildings and office walls. Support face, card, QR code scan pass. Most often integrated with visitor management system, ERP software by our customers.

Train Stations, airports

Since the breakout of Covid 19, more and more public transportation hubs like train stations, airports, bus stations use face recognition thermal devices at the access control to prevent spread of the pandemic. Can do health QR code check, temperature check, ID card verification.

Residential Community, parking lots

Tommi face recognition devices are more and more used in residential communities for efficient residents and visitor access control management. Support white list,blacklist, visitor management, non-contact gate and barrier access, easy records check. They can also be seen used at the barrier of parking lots.

Gyms, chain store,chain hotels

More and more gyms, chain stores and hotels integrate Tommi face recognition devices with their membership management system to give members faster access, detailed attendance reports, etc.

Face Recognition Integration

Elevator Control

Tommi face recognition cameras support multi-person recognition and can be integrated with elevators. We offer SDK API to help with customers' development. Welcome to inquire.

Visitor Management

Tommi face recognition devices are integrated with IT industrial customers' visitor management, efficiently managing visitors at office buildings or resedential commnunities.

Students attenance SMS sytem

Tommi face recognition devices can be integrated with school attendance SMS management system. When a student gets to the school or leave the school, our face recogntion devices will communicate with school management system to send immediate notice. We offer SDK API to help with customers' development. Welcome to inquire.

Hotel Management

Tommi face recognition devices can be integrated with hotel management platform, efficiently managing guests check-in and check out at the front desk as well as access to the hotel rooms.We offer SDK API to help with customers' development. Welcome to inquire.

What Our Customers Say

Tommi Technology has good reputation for the long term stability of its face recognition products and excellent timely customer-oriented customer service.

Good price. What lucky i am !!! I choose the best supplier in the filed. 😀
Viet, from vietnam
“ The Supplier Ms. Mary was very good in communication and also helped us track our shipment at any time to give us continuous updates and also helped us in setting up the product in india. The support and commitment from Ms. Mary was very professional.
Jahfar, from India
Out of 5
I saw many companies with same device. But something told me start with you first and see how you respond.And finally you have won my heart.
Fred, from Burkina Faso
The device is very durable and very good. The support was amazing and in-depth with knowledge. All my questions were answered. Kudos to the entire team who put together this amazing product and service.
Mr. Samuel, from Ghana.

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