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We offer face recognition devices supporting most marktet popular features such as mask detection, multi-person face recogntion, face recognition IP camera with SDK API as well as software and hardware face recognition solutions including face recognition thermometer, face recognition camera, face recognition attendance machines, etc. Welcome to inquire.

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Face Recogntion Thermometers

With the spread of covid-19 in the globe, temperature detectioni at the entrances and exits of public places has become a necessary  measure to control the epidemic. Tommi Technology launched facial recogntion thermometers workng on forehead and wrist temperature detection with high accuracy at a long distance since 2020 and got very good feedback from global customers. They can be integrated with national health QR code info system to read the health and vaccination status of users.


Face Recognition Access Control Attendance Machine(for Doors)

All CD Tommi facial recogntion devices support both access control and attendance management. Face capacity from 10,000 to 50,000, optional NFC card, WIFI, 4G, ad play, etc. We develop several wall mounted compact models for door access control. Suitable for offices and classrooms, automatic gates,etc. 


Face Recognition Access Control Attendance Machine(for Turnstiles)

All CD Tommi facial recogntion devices support both access control and attendance management. We developed various sizes(7inch, 8inch, 10inch, 13inch, etc.) face recognition access control terminal for turnstiles, barriers,desk or floor mounted stands, etc. Suitable for entrance and exit access control at the hospitals, schools,factories, train stations, scenic spots, etc.Face capacity from 10,000 to 50,000, optional NFC card, WIFI, 4G, ad play, etc. 


Face Recognition Camera (Front End Comparison)

CD Tommi face recognition cameras (dome or bullet shape) support  50,000 face library,  can do multi-person face capture and comparison simultaneously at a distance up to 10m. Support http, mqtt integration on multi-language plaftorm.  SDK API offered for free. Suitable for large number of staff attendance in the factories, schools, etc.


Face Recognition Modules

We’ve been supplying face recognition modules and accessories to security system integrators and manufactures since our participation in face recognition technology development as one of the earliest face recognition players in China. From high performance Hisilicon chipset modules to lastest high cost value modules, we can offer customers wide options as well as customized modules.Welcome to discuss your requirements with our R&D.


Latest Arrivals

CD Tommi continues to launch new face recognition models catering to various industries and market demands. From higher cost value facial access control attendance models to multi-person thermal imaging temperature detection device, you can select your ideal models based on your budgets and project requirements. We will offer you best price and technical support.


High Performance Popular Models

Tommi face recogntion devices boasts of reliable algorithum and long stable performance. Our high performance models adopt highest quality chipset, can give faster recogntion response, larger face and storage capacity, longer facial recogntion distance, etc. 


Super Cost Value Models

To meet requirements of low budget customers for basic accesss control or attenandance mangement functions, Tommi Technology has been launching facail recognition models with better cost value by removing some features customers might have no chance to use in their application scenarios thus help them do better cost control.