Easy and quick face recognition door access control

A face recognition access control system uses a camera to identify a person at a door or gate. The technology uses high-resolution cameras that provide a real-time face scan. It then matches the ‘coordinates’ of the face against a database. These systems are much cheaper than traditional systems and can “learn” from repeated use. Moreover, they offer strong privacy controls and prevent spoofing.

A face recognition access control system is safe and easy to install. The system is intuitive and touchless, and requires a single power over Ethernet wire to connect to an existing ethernet network in a building. The cameras are installed at about five feet high, and feature a wide vertical field of view.

Face recognition access control is a modern solution for secure access control. It works by comparing a person’s face to a database of known faces. This way, the system can determine which individuals should be allowed access to specific areas of a building. This solution allows for keyless door access and highly secure authentication. To use face recognition access control, an individual needs to submit an initial photograph or face scan of their face. An AI algorithm will then use the photo or face scan to create a unique identifying string of numbers.

A facial recognition access control system can be combined with an automatic door opener. Once the person is at the door, he or she just needs to look at the reader and the door will prop open. This solution eliminates the need for key cards and eliminates the hassle of managing them. Other forms of biometric access control include iris recognition, which enables touchless access to buildings.

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